Saturday, July 31, 2010

The most valuable invention of mondern man!

Although i love making hand embroideries I've struggled with a limited range of options due to my major lack of any artistic skills :(
Previously, i had overcome this obstacle in one of two ways:
Option 1: buy printed designs and embroider over them (boring & lame)
Option 2: get somebody else with talent to draw the design and transfer (annoying.)

Well that has worked out sort of well but it
severely limited my options with regards to design. It was frustrating trying to find somebody to do the drawing for me and the transfer was always a total hassle. I've taped fabric/transfer paper to windows, TVs, and computer screens to try for the best light and easiest transfer. But obviously, there is nothing easy about tracing designs to things taped to a window. Repeatedly I've cursed this process and looked at 1,500$ under-lit drafting tables with longing in my heart.

Recently though my prayers were answered when i came across the greatest invention of modern man. Behold the light box. It's pretty much amazing. For anywhere from 45-120$ you get a light box of various sizes, which is exactly what it seems. A small-to-large sized, thin, box which is lit from within. The work table is angled to help reduce pressure on your arms and the product is compact and lightweight. The light is really bright which allows for layering of numerous designs which can be transferred directly onto the fabric or transfer paper. I'm really in love with this product, it's pretty much the best. Now that i have my light box i never have to worry about finding patterns or struggling with making transfers. Amazing. :)