Monday, January 19, 2009

It's been a long weekend and i'm feeling relaxed and accomplished! Last week my second semester started and the assignments came pouring in. I've been reading, writing, and taking quizzes all week long. I submitted my last assignment (until i go back to class tomorrow) a few hours ago and have been enjoying a leisurely night of doing next to nothing. ahhhhh sweet relaxation...

I thought I'd take these available moments and post a new project that i finished just before Christmas. It's a tea towel that i keep hanging on my oven. I got the tea towel itself from the D
ollar Tree (god i love that place) and it had a screen print of the chef already on it. I was instantly inspired as soon as i saw it and rushed home to start.

I used a back stitch for most of the outlines and basically just traced the printed design of the chef. I added french knots for buttons and a satin stitch to the carrot. It was really simple and quick. My boyfriend drew the text on either side using a washable fabric marker than i stitched over. I used a satin thread on the words and it really made them pop. Finally i used contrasting red and black (satin) to stitch a border and after hand washing it it was good to go. The whole project cost less than 2 dollars and was finished in less than a day. It was a really fun project that i will definetely try again, when i get another free moment that is...

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